Our Services Portfolio

The services we offer focus on web video where we can assist you in many stages of your video publishing and distribution workflow:

  • We encode your video for you into a format understood by the web.
  • We securely stream your video and protect it from being stolen by pirates.
  • We deliver your content by streaming it to your users at best quality.

Xvid MediaHub - The all-in-one Web Video Platform.

Publishing video can be confusing: Every browser supports its own format or your users just can't view your video smoothly. It shouldn't be so hard! Our MediaHub will solve the riddle.

Encoding your Video into all Formats important for the Web

HTML5 video is a mess: Chrome has WebM, IE has MP4 and Firefox bets on the OGV format. And it gets even more complicated when considering mobile devices and streaming. Then there's Apple's HLS streaming, the new MPEG DASH with support in newer Android, Microsoft's Silverlight or the various Flash protocols...

So then very quickly you'll end up with a need to convert your video to six different video formats and resolutions (or much more!) to assure a good experience for your users. Now how to do this without getting totally lost?

Our MediaHub app finally makes video transcoding fast and easy:

  • Multi-format. All the formats you need for web and mobile are supported.

  • Easy-to-use. MediaHub is easy to use and makes it simple to produce high quality video files.

  • Super-compression. Using our latest Xvid video compression technology for smallest files at the best quality (Mind you: filesize = traffic cost. So you`ll just want the best compression to save your budget).

  • Pay-as-you-go. No fixed cost, no upfront investment, no need to buy and manage any hardware or software yourself.

  • Fast. MediaHub video transcoding engine scales faster and uses available CPU power more efficiently. Your jobs will be always done quickly - no matter how many of them you have.

Fast CDN to deliver your Content smoothly anywhere in the World.

Performance matters when delivering video. Our global network of fast video distribution servers fights choppy playback. And it can do more than that...

It is crucial that the distribution of your content is done right. You can have really nicely converted videos but all is lost if your media server is too slow and your users therefore receive only jerky video.

Or, your servers may even be fast enough but part of your users access it from an other end of the world and experience long delays and low throughput!

So what you need is fast streaming servers that cache a copy of your content at several different locations around the world to give all of your users the best possible experience no matter their location.

We can do this for you! With our fast video distribution service we keep a copy of your content at up to twenty presence points spread all across the globe. Whenever one of your users accesses it, we always direct him to the closest cached copy for the best performance.

Interested in our CDN?

Our Video CDN service is currently in Beta. Please contact us for more information at info@xvidservices.com.

You may also use our Contact Form to send your request instantly.

Oh, and did we mention?

We can do this all at a very competitive price too, of course! But apart from just this, we also have a few special goodies:

Scales without Limit

No matter how many users want to watch your newly released film at the same time, our CDN delivers fast and to anywhere in the world while keeping the load off from your server.

Easy Integration

Our SDK makes it very easy to generate download links from your application no matter which of the popular web development languages you use. It's just one simple function call.

Adaptive Streaming

We support modern HTTP streaming protocols like HLS and MPEG DASH. We also generate the necessary playlist files for you on the fly and with secured, time-limited URLs.

Secure Video Streaming to protect your Links from being stolen.

Copy-cat websites that steal your links or pirate your videos - it's an epidemic problem. Stop hackers from stealing your links or scraping your site! Simply stream your video with Xvid MediaHub.

With the recent rise of one-click file hosters and the infamous video tube sites, illegal video copies have shifted from their former P2P niche into a mass phenomenon. And the one-click hosters fire it on more by even giving out rewards to criminals for illegally sharing copyrighted content.

This caused hacker groups to come up who "professionalized" video pirating by automatically extracting or scraping content from popular video websites. As soon as new content gets released, it is immediately stolen due to the full automization. Yet in other cases, hackers post stolen links or hacked user accounts to allow more pirates to steal the content.

Video links today really must be secured against hackers and theft!

Xvid MediaHub secures your web video links by various effective techniques:

Token Authentication

Links are individually HMAC signed before every access to ensure that your content cannot be published or shared. Only users you authorize will have access.


When signing the links also the IP address of the authorized user is included. So link and authorized downloader IP form one unity preventing any form of link sharing.

Geo Restrictions

You choose from which geographic regions your link should be accessible. This is useful to block regions that are notorious for hackers or to comply with license restrictions.

Fraud Detection

Our smart systems perform fraud risk assessment in realtime and block risky IPs like those from anonymizing proxies or VPN networks from downloading your content.

One-Time and Time-Limited Links

You can control the life-time of every of your download links. Make it one-time use only or define an expiry time from when on the link should not work anymore.

Origin and Referrer Checking

With origin and referrer checking, we can make sure that your links will work only within your own site. Stealing your links by mirroring your site becomes impossible.