About Us

Xvid Services is a cloud services company. We specialize in providing video applications as cloud-based web services. Scalable, fast and pay-as-you-go.

What we do

We can assist you in many stages of your web video publishing workflow. We offer automized, high-quality video transcoding and fast video streaming and delivery with our Xvid MediaHub service. Ten years of Xvid video compression know-how included!

We help you encode and stream your web video securely and protect your content from being stolen. We support token-based authentication to prevent link sharing and hot-linking. We have IP-based fraud detection to prevent known hackers and pirates from accessing your content. And We can make your video accessible just from certain regions as your licensing terms may require.

Why Us

All our web services are accessible through an easy-to-use RESTful interface. And to make sure that our API is also 100% available all the time, we've taken great care to plan for sufficient redundancy in our infrastructure. Currently, we run servers spread across three datacenters in Europe and North America. See our track record.

Have some Question?

Then why not send us a quick e-mail at info@xvidservices.com. We will get back to you swiftly!

You may also use our Contact Form to send your request instantly.

Who We Are

Xvid Services is a cloud services startup operating out of Tallinn. Our dedicated team of senior system admins and devops is constantly busy with expanding our infrastructure or making sure that the green lights in our app monitoring also remain green.

We love web video and so always strive at giving you access to the best video technologies in our web applications. And because the Xvid Services venture is backed by the developers of the well-known Xvid video codec, all our services naturally benefit also from many years of experience in core video codec development.

Our Mission

Web video is becoming ever more popular but it is not easy for content owners to find the right tools to effectively publish and monetize their content. Many services claim to come at rescue but are often not well designed or too expensive.

We are here to change this! We want to transfer the proven success of the popular Xvid video compression software into the cloud era and provide a new set of video services that's truly different and innovative: Finally making the secure streaming of web video an easy, fast and much more cost-effective endavour.